What We Offer

The Infinite Solution

Infinite Reviews is not just a tacked on extra that sits uncomfortably alongside your unique branding. Instead, Infinite Reviews takes your branding and develops it within your Review System. The result: a powerful review system that is integral to your business growth. Displayed through a widget on the home page as well as a fully-branded page showcasing all your approved reviews.

Infinite Reviews is exceptionally easy to use. It can be easily incorporated to your existing website with zero disruption. The entire system is designed with functionality in mind – from customer entry to business use.

Infinite Reviews allows you to action and filter customer service in real tangible terms. Meet your customers’ expectations and improve on after sales. Infinite will design and create a bespoke email matching your branding, with the right data all you need to do is hit ‘send’. The automated follow-up system then gently reminds the customer to leave their review.

Infinite Reviews is at one with Social Media sharing. Don’t just publish to your own website, but utilise the power of the internet by instantly sharing the very best reviews on Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, and other platforms.

Infinite Reviews can collate your review data and submit it to Google giving you the leading edge when it comes to Advertiser Ratings and coveted Gold Stars in Google Adwords campaigns.

Infinite Reviews understands that data is only as useful as its reporting. That’s why we’ve developed and honed reporting functions allowing you to monitor, manage and respond to customer experiences. Infinite Reviews drives your business. It harnesses the power of customer satisfaction, word of mouth, and brand loyalty and will deliver return on your investment, no problem.